Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Non-Intelligent Design

This is a growing list of some questionable design decisions if made by 'the creator'.

- sun gives us cancer
- appendix
- sex organs same as feces organs
- male nipples

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Busted Myths

This a growing list of ideas that were held to be true but were
consequently discovered to be false. This is to show that just because
most people believe something, doesn't mean its true.

- Flat earth
- Sea monsters
- Bloodletting
- Leeching
- Earth at the center of the universe
- Heavier bodies fall faster than light ones
- The world was circled by a Dome that kept water out.
- Slavery justified by divine right
- The stars were lights in the sky put there by god
- Gods lived in the mountains, then clouds, then just out of sight of telescopes, now they live in the supernatural realm.
- Special creation (Adam and Eve etc)
- Race (blacks, whites, etc)
- Smoking

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